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"Maryland's Best Kept Humanities Secrets: Civil War Museums and Sites in Maryland." Maryland Humanities (Spring 1998): 27.

"Maryland's Best Kept Humanities Secrets: Star-Spangled Banner Flag House and Museum." Maryland Humanities (September 1998): 27.

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Annotations / Notes: A compilation of small Mt. Washington articles from a variety of Maryland newspapers.

"Organizational Profile--Friends of Maryland's Olmsted Parks & Landscapes, Inc." In Context 3 (Summer 1993): 10.

"Outfitting a Ballpark: David Ashton and Oriole Park at Camden Yards." Maryland Humanities (Spring 1933): 12-13.

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"Portals to the Past: Evergreen." Keeping Time: The Newsletter of the Baltimore City Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation 2 (Winter 1990): 6-7.

"Preserving the Past is a Gift for the Future: Rebuilding and Restoring the Ross House, Baltimore." House and Garden 146 (November 1974): 82-87.

"Recycled Baltimore Churches." Third Century Methodism, 41 (December 2001): [1].
Category: Religion | Baltimore City

"Saving the Historic Fabric of the Enoch Pratt House." MHS/News, (January-March 2001): 3.

"St. Martin's Camp." Isle of Kent (Spring 1993): 1-2.

"The Departure of the Publisher: David Einhorn's Explanation for His Flight from Baltimore." Generations, Summer 1991, pp. [i-ii].

"The Gem of Baltimore Celebrates 75." Southern Living 24 (May 1989): 43.
Annotations / Notes: Baltimore Museum of Art.

"The Great Game." Johns Hopkins Magazine 7 (April 1956): 7-9, 20-21.
Annotations / Notes: The article discusses the Native American origins of lacrosse in a game called "baggattaway," tracing its adaption in the nineteenth century as a popular sport among Canadians and its spread to the United States. First played in Baltimore in the 1870s, it became a club and intercollegiate sport in the area. In 1928 lacrosse arrived on the world scene as a sport at the Amsterdam Olympics.

"The Haussner's Restaurant Collection: 19th Century European and American Paintings: Property of the Haussner Family Limited Partnership. New York: Sotheby's, 1999.

"The James G. Birney Anti-Slavery Collection of Johns Hopkins University." Maryland Pendulum 4 (Summer 1985): 4.

"Upton Historic District: A Walk Through Black History in Baltimore." Keeping Time: The Newsletter of the Baltimore City Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation 2 (Winter 1990): 1, 3-5.