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Barnett, Todd H. "Tobacco, Planters, Tenants, and Slaves: A Portrait of Montgomery County in 1783." Maryland Historical Magazine 89 (Summer 1994): 184-203.
Annotations / Notes: Using the Maryland State Assessment of 1783, this study evaluates the condition of the Montgomery County community. Montgomery was the western most of Maryland's tobacco counties. This economy left Montgomery with exhausted farmland, as well as a poor, landless, and unstable population. Comparison is made with Frederick where the soil was essentially the same but had not been damaged by tobacco farming.

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Bidwell, Percy W., and John I. Falconer. History of Agriculture in the Northern United States, 1620-1860. Washington, DC: Carnegie Institution, 1925.
Annotations / Notes: Mentions Maryland only regarding farming in 1840 and peach orchards, but is useful since so many Pennsylvania Germans settled in Frederick County.

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Boyd, Thomas Hulings Stockton. The History of Montgomery County, Maryland, from its earliest settlement in 1650 to 1879. Clarksburgh, MD [Baltimore, W. K. Boyle & son, printers], 1879; reprint, Baltimore: Regional Pub. Co, 1968.
Annotations / Notes: Written following the American, and the County's, Centennial, this work places special emphasis on land grants and prominent men. Includes a directory of the towns, villages, and residents.