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Bridgall, Beatrice L. and Edmund W. Gordon. “The Nurturance of African American Scientific Talent.” Journal of African American History, 89 (no. 4, 2004): 331-47.

Bridglall, Beatrice L. and Edmund W. Gordon. “The Nurturance of African American Scientific Talent.” Journal of African American History, 89 (no. 4, 2004): 331-47.

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Annotations / Notes: Calvert Marine Museum.

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Brown, Russell, and Melvin Brown. Herbaceous Plants of Maryland. College Park: University of Maryland Bookstore, 1984.

Brown, William H. The History of the First Locomotives in America. New York: D. Appleton, 1871.
Annotations / Notes: Includes an account and a dramatic fold-out illustration of the famous race between the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad's early locomotive, the Tom Thumb , and the horse.

Byron, Gilbert. "The Old Chester River Bridge." Chesapeake Bay Magazine 16 (September 1986): 44-45.

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Calhoun, David Hovey. The American Civil Engineer. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1960.
Annotations / Notes: Discusses Benjamin Henry Latrobe as engineer and other early civil engineers in Maryland whose work on the state's turnpikes, canals, and railroads laid the foundation for the civil engineering profession in America.

Cammack, Shirley. "James Kernan's Enterprise: From a Burlesque House to a Hospital." Baltimore, 69 (Juuly 1976): 58-61
Annotations / Notes: James Kernan (1838-1912).

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Canby, Tom. "Windmills Drew a Family's Water." Legacy 20 (Winter 2000): 1, 7.

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Carlson, Robert E. "British Railroads and Engineers and the Beginnings of American Railroad Development." Business History Review 34 (1960): 137-149.

Carmer, Carl. The Susquehanna. New York: Rinehart, 1955.
Annotations / Notes: One of the prestigious "Rivers of America" series, and for Marylanders a book-end volume to Frederick Gutheim's The Potomac. This is popular history at its best: powerfully-written, anecdotal--and what anecdotes! The story of Thomas Cresap is alone worth checking the book out of the library. Covers the downriver ark traffic and the attempts of steamboats to conquer the rocky and unruly Susquehanna.