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Getty, Joseph M., ed. The Carroll Record: Histories of Northwestern Carroll County Communities. Westminster, MD: Historical Society of Carroll County, 1994.
Annotations / Notes: Reprints of nineteenth century newspaper articles, from the Carroll Record, on the histories of fourteen of Carroll's communities, written by various authors. Includes an "historical supplement" which provides information on late twentieth century organizations and businesses, along with some family histories.

Gillis, Christopher C. "McKinstry's Mill, Carroll County, Maryland." Old Mill News, 21 (Summer 1993): 10-11.

Glass, Jesse, comp. Ghosts and Legends of Carroll County, MD. Westminster, MD: Carroll County Public Library, 1982.

Glass, Jesse, Jr. Carroll County Newspaper Wars: Know-Nothings, Alms House Scandals and the Death of a Civil War Editor. Shin-Urayasu, Japan: Meikai University Press, 2004.

Glass, Jesse, Jr., comp. Ghosts and Legends of Carroll County, Maryland. Westminster, MD: Carroll County Public Library, 1998.

Glass, Jesse. The Hidden Muse: An Anthology of Nineteenth Century Carroll County, Maryland Newspaper Poets. San Jose, CA: Writers Club Press, 2001.

Glass, Jesse. “‘Myself Intrinsically!’ Two Antebellum Carroll County, Maryland, Know- Nothing Satires.” Graduate School of Applied Linguistics, Meikai University, 10 (2008): 167-85.

Graybeal, Jay. Carroll County and the Great War for Civilization, 1917-1919. Westminster, MD: Historical Society of Carroll County, 1993.
Annotations / Notes: A companion to a Historical Society of Carroll County exhibit, this work deals with both the men who went to war and the efforts of the community they left behind. It includes a contemporary report, excerpts from letters written home, and a memoir of a Carroll Countian who served in Europe. Included is a list of the men who served.

Griebel, Helen Bradley. "Carroll County Rug Hookers: Morphology of a Craft." Midwestern Folklore 17 (Spring 1991): 34-55.

Hattery, Thomas H., ed. Western Maryland : A Profile. Foreword by Charles McC. Mathias Jr. Mt. Airy, MD: Lomond Books, 1980.
Annotations / Notes: This work describes the Counties which make up Maryland's Sixth Congressional District. The chapters are written by individuals involved in current affairs. The focus is on politics, government, and the economic nature of the counties. There is a great deal of statistical information. Chapter VIII includes brief essays on the future of Western Maryland by notable Maryland Officials, such as Governor Hughes, the heads of various state agencies, and people of note in the counties.

Hawkins, Willard L. "History of the New Windsor Progressive Farmers Club." Carroll County History Journal 40 (Winter 1989): 7.

Heller, Ethel M. Bartholow and Heller, James L. The Bartholow Family in America: The Story of Michael Bartholow of Carroll County, Maryland, His Ancestors, Descendants and Allied Families. Tallmadge, Ohio: Privately published, 1980.

Historical Society of Carroll County. "A Celebration of the Fabulous Forties." Carroll County History Journal 42 (Spring 1991): 1-5.

Historical Society of Carroll County. Carroll County. Images of America series. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2006.

Historical Society of Carroll County. The First 150 Years: A Pictorial History of Carroll County, Maryland, 1837-1987. Westminster, MD: Historical Society of Carroll County, 1987.

Hollifield, William. "Mount Airy." History Trails 24 (Spring 1990): 9-12.

Hollowak, Thomas L. "Carroll County Cemeteries." Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, 23 (Summer 1982): 202-26; (Fall 1982): 276-319.
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Horley, James. "After 'The Baltimore Affair': James Mark Baldwin's Life and Work, 1908-1934." History of Psychology, 4 (no. 1, 2001): 24-33.

Horvath, George J., Jr. The Particular Assessment Lists for Baltimore and Carroll Counties, 1798. reprint. Berwyn Heights, MD: Heritage Books, 2015.

Hunt, Shirley Hampton. The Vanishing Landscape. Chestertown, MD: Queen Street Publishing, 2006.
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