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Annotations / Notes: Although a small population center, Easton, during the nineteenth century, was the major town of the Eastern Shore. The Shore's banking, its hotels, newspapers, and political activity all centered on the community.

Jopp, Harold D. Rediscovery of the Eastern Shore: Delmarva Travelogues of the 1870s. Wye Mills, MD: Chesapeake College Press, 1986.
Annotations / Notes: Reprints of articles by four different authors which appeared in the leading nineteenth century publications of Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Lippincott's Magazine, and Scribner's Monthly. The authors included noted illustrator Howard Pyle and Maryland writer George Townsend.

Joynes, J. William. Talbot Tales: An Historical Drama of the Eastern Shore, with Hymn Tunes, Folk Songs, Ballads and Dame. Published by the author, 1986.

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Krech, Shepard, III. Praise the Bridge That Carries You Over: The Life of Joseph L. Sutton. Boston: G. K. Hall and Co. (cloth); Cambridge, MD: Chenkman Publishing Co. (paper), 1981.
Annotations / Notes: Biography of a black resident of Miles River Neck in Talbot County. Based on extensive oral history interviews, this personal narrative by a long-time Talbot County resident offers a unique look at the life of African Americans on the Eastern Shore. Joseph Sutton (1885-1980) led a long and eventful life, and his reminiscences are rich in personal detail. In addition to his own experiences, Sutton's words are a valuable source for understanding the personal impact of racism on African Americans.

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