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Esslinger, Dean R. "Immigration Through the Port of Baltimore." Forgotten Doors: The Other Ports of Entry into the United States. Philadelphia: Balch Institute Press, 1988, pp. 61-74.

Falb, Susan Rosenfeld. "Matthias de Sousa: Colonial Maryland's Black, Jewish Assemblyman." Maryland Historical Magazine 73 (December 1978): 397-98.

Fee, Elizabeth, et. al. "Baltimore by Bus: Steering a New Course through the City's History." Radical History Review 28-30 (1984): 206-216.
Annotations / Notes: A discussion of the development of the alternative, left oriented, "People's Bus Tour" of Baltimore. The tour's intention was to demonstrate the diversity of Baltimore and to show the conflicts and processes that affected the City's working class. Class relations are interpreted throughout Baltimore's history by visiting significant and visually interesting places.

Fee, Elizabeth, Linda Shopes and Linda Zeidman, eds. The Baltimore Book: New Views of Local History. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press, 1991.
Annotations / Notes: Eleven essays documenting the working class history of Baltimore, stretching across many of Baltimore's neighborhoods -- from Federal Hill to Hampden, Edmondson Village to Dundalk. This work grew out of a "People's History Tour of Baltimore". Each chapter includes a map of relevant sites. There are fifteen interviews. It is well illustrated and includes an excellent bibliography.

Fee, Elizabeth, Linda Shopes, and Linda Zeidman, eds. The Baltimore Book: New Views of Local History. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1991.
Annotations / Notes: Essays on aspects of the social history of Baltimore provide case studies of social issues and neighborhood dynamics. Paired chapters first consider the lives of ordinary B &O Railroad workers involved in the railroad strike of 1877, then examine the powerful family of B&O magnate John Work Garrett. Chapters on work consider the area's mill villages, the garment industry, and union activity. Studies of neighborhoods address the history of Fells Point in terms of race and ethnicity and racial change in west Baltimore.

Feest, Christian F. "Ethnohistory, Moral History, and Colonial Maryland." Amerikastudien 28 (No. 4 1983): 429-433.

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Fein, Isaac. The Making of an American Jewish Community: The History of Baltimore Jewry from 1773 to 1920. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society of America, 1971.

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Feldman, Hannah. “Remembering Chinatown.” Baltimore, 99 (August 2006): 104-201, 310.

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Fishman, Bernard P. "Back to East Baltimore. An Introduction to the New Jewish Heritage Center." Generations (Fall 1986): 10-11.

Fishman, Bernard P. "Making the Jewish Museum of Maryland." Generations (Fall 1998): 26-34.
Annotations / Notes: An involved discussion of the 1990s construction of the museum's new museum, complete with problems and foibles, written by the man who directed the project.

Fogleman, Aaron S. "Moravian Immigration and Settlement in British North America, 1734-1775." Transactions of the Moravian Historical Society 29 (1996): 23-58.

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Gasque, James. "Mail - Germany to Baltimore - by Submarine." Baltimore Sun Magazine, 31 August 1975, 9ff.
Annotations / Notes: 1916.