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Amrhine, Kenneth W. "The Sage and the Pulp." Menckeniana 68 (Winter 1978): 4-6.
Annotations / Notes: H. L. Mencken's history as a pulp fiction publisher is often over-looked, if not unknown. In the 1910s his use of these magazines to support his endeavor as a co-editor of the magazine Smart Set is examined in this article. Noting the financial success of what Mencken called his "louse magazines" over Smart Set , Amrhine concludes that the pulp fiction he published enabled him to maintain his economic status during the period.

Amtower, Elora. “Confederate Mementos: ‘Let us march to the fight with heart linked to heart’.” Shoreline, 21 (January 2015): 24-26.

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Anderson, James Mark. "H. L. Mencken's Nietzsche: Recovering a Lost Tradition." Ph.D. diss., Vanderbilt University, 1998.

Anderson, Mark. "Mencken, Nietzsche and Greek Gods." Menckeniana 142 (Summer 1997): 14-16.

Anderson, Patricia Dockman. "Laying the Foundations: Herbert Baxter Adams, John Thomas Scharf, and Early Maryland Historical Scholarship." Maryland Historical Magazine 89 (Summer 1994): 170-83.
Annotations / Notes: Adams and Scharf were two of Maryland's leading late nineteenth century historians. They, however, represented two very different historical schools. Adams, a Johns Hopkins professor, was instrumental in the professionalization of the history discipline. Scharf was a "chronicler", a local historian. He also had a strong interest in document preservation. Adams played a pivotal role in the donation of Scharf's collection to Hopkins. Scharf's collection is now housed at the Maryland State Archives.

Anderson, Patricia Dockman. “A Storied Past: How the MDHM became the Free State’s Preeminent Chronicler.” MdHS News, (Winter 2011): 26-27.

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Arner, Robert D. "Clio's Rhimes: History and Satire in Ebenezer Cooke's 'History of Bacon's Rebellion.'" Southern Literary Journal 6 (Spring 1974): 91-106.

Arner, Robert D. "The Blackness of Darkness: Satire, Romance and Ebenezer Cook's The SotWeed Factor." Tennessee Studies in Literature 21 (1976): 1-10.

Ashbury, John W. ...and all our yesterdays: A Chronicle of Frederick County, Maryland. Frederick, MD: Diversions Publications, 1997.
Annotations / Notes: An unusual local history arranged in a datebook\calendar format. Three to six events are given for each date, one is described in greater depth than the others in a 1-2 page essay. The book's excellent index makes this work amazingly useful.

Ashtor, Gila. “The Gift (Book) That Keeps on Giving: Poe’s The Purloined Letter, Rereading, Reprinting, and Detective Fiction.” Poe Studies, 45 (October 2012): 57-77.

Baer, Elizabeth. Seventeenth Century Maryland: A Bibliography. Baltimore: John Work Garrett Library, 1949.
Annotations / Notes: This work supplies not only descriptive cataloging for 209 seventeenth century Maryland books and maps, but also provides insights into the collecting habits of the founder of the Evergreen Collection. Reproductions of title pages are included.

Baer, John. "Hamlet Translated into Pennsylvania Dutch?" Menckeniana 110 (Summer 1989): 13-16.
Annotations / Notes: H. L. Mencken.

Baer, John. “Mencken, Nathan and God.” Menckeniana, 191 (Fall 2009): 13-15.

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