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Brunner, Raymond J. "Baltimore Organs and Organbuilding in the Nineteenth Century." Tracker 35, no. 2 (1991): 12.
Annotations / Notes: Well organized and appropriately illustrated, Brunner first summarizes organ-building in Baltimore up to 1850. He then focuses on specific builders James Hall, Henry Berger, August Pomplitz, Charles Strohl, Heilner & Schumacher, Henry Niemann, Adam Stein, and George Barker's Baltimore Organ Co. Drawing on earlier published works by Thomas Eader and John Speller and Orpha Ochse, Brunner's article reveals the competitive sprit felt among various Baltimore congregations, and also the status of this craft in relation to other Eastern seaboard cities.

Buchalter, Gail. “Rollin’ on the River.” Chesapeake Life, (August 2007): 46-47.
Category: Music and Theater

Burger, Jim. “Finding Billie Holliday.” Baltimore, 98 (July 2005): 78-81.

Burgess, Jean. “A History of the Young People’s Theatre at Center Stage, Baltimore, Maryland: 1963-1984.” Ph.D. diss., New York University, 2002.

Camp, Charles, and David E. Whisnant. "A Voice from Home: Southern Mountain Musicians on the Maryland-Pennsylvania Border." Southern Exposure 5 (1977): 80-89.

Carney, Benjamin Franklin. "The Baltimore Theatre Project, 1971-1983: Toward a People's Theatre." Ph.D. diss., University of Missouri, 1985.

Cavanaugh, Joanne P. "Uncertainty in the Archives." Johns Hopkins Magazine 49 (November 1997): 28-33.
Annotations / Notes: A well written discussion of the varied archival repositories of The Johns Hopkins University. Serves as a useful introduction to the nature of archives, including a discussion of the problems with electronic records.

Chaddha, Anmol, William Julius Wilson, and Sudhir A. Venkatesh. “In Defense of the Wire.” Dissent, 55 (Summer 2008): 83-86.
Category: Music and Theater

Chidsey, Martha Ann. "The West Street Theatre, Annapolis, Maryland: 1771-74." M.A. thesis, American University, 1977.

Chowning, Larry S. "The Show Boat." Chesapeake Bay Magazine 17 (June 1987): 62-66.
Category: Music and Theater

Christopher, Milbourne. “Magic in Early Baltimore.” Maryland Historical Magazine, 100 (Summer 2005): 273-78.
Category: Music and Theater

Cissel, Anne W. "Public Houses of Entertainment and their Proprietors, 1750-1828." Montgomery County Story 30 (August 1987): 279-94.

Clarke, Donald. Wishing on the Moon: The Life and Times of Billie Holiday. New York: Viking Penguin, 1994.

Click, Patricia C. The Spirit of the Times: Amusements in Nineteenth-Century Baltimore, Norfolk, and Richmond. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 1989.
Annotations / Notes: This author expertly interweaves a detailed description of work habits, living arrangements, economics, and class structure with the question of what people did for fun. Around 1800 a variety of public entertainments included music, drama, presentational dancing, feats of dexterity and other spectacular offerings -these were held at theatres, circuses, taverns, and pleasure gardens. As the century progressed amusements became increasingly specialized and stratified, serving people of differing economic means, political leanings, and ethnic/religious backgrounds.

Click, Patricia Catherine. The Spirit of the Times: Amusements in Nineteenth Century Baltimore, Norfolk and Richmond. Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1989.
Annotations / Notes: Click examines the evolution of popular amusements and attitudes toward them in Baltimore, Norfolk, and Richmond during the period 1810-1870. The volume considers museum exhibitions, theater, horse racing, clubs, and resorts. She argues that throughout the period there was a broadened acceptance of popular amusements, though the choice of particular entertainment forms often stood as a sign of social status. The study is based upon manuscript sources at the Maryland Historical Society and comparable archives in Virginia, and includes a set of illustrations from those collections.

Cohen, Blanche Klasmer. "Benjamin Klasmer's Contribution to Baltimore's Musical History." Maryland Historical Magazine 72 (Summer 1977): 272-76.

Cohen, Blanche Klasmer. "Benjamin Klasmer's Contribution to Baltimore's Musical History." Maryland Historical Magazine 72 (Summer 1977): 272-76.

Cohen, Maxine. "The Front Street Theater Fire of 1895." Generations (Fall 1993): 9-16, 27.

Commito, Angela. “Henry Dielman’s Music from the Mount.” Catoctin History, 6 (Fall/Winter 2005): 12-19.

Conrads, Margaret C. “Edwin Booth (1833-1893).” Antiques, 181 (January/February 2014): 84.