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Caron, Dewey M. "Bee Culture in Maryland." Journal of NAL Associates 1 (1976): 10-14.

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Carter, Edward C., II. "The Papers of Benjamin Henry Latrobe and the Maryland Historical Society, 1885-1971: Nature, Structure and Means of Acquisition." Maryland Historical Magazine 66 (1971): 436-455.
Annotations / Notes: An involved discussion of the provenance of the Latrobe collection and the project to microfilm it. Latrobe, a prominent architect, artist, and surveyor, among other talents, left a variety of materials, including drawings depicting America at the end of the eighteenth century. An interesting discussion of the history of a rich collection.

Carter, Edward C., II. \"The Engineer as Agent of Technological Transfer: The American Career of Benjamin Henry Latrobe.\" Benjamin Henry Latrobe & Moncure Robinson: The Engineer as Agent of Technological Transfer. Ed. Barbara E. Benson. [Wilminton, Del.]: Eleutherian Mills Historical Library, 1975, pp. 11-32.

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Chapelle, Suzanne Ellery Greene. Baltimore, An Illustrated History. American Historical Press, 2000.
Annotations / Notes: A history of Baltimore, 1608-2000, for the general reader. A chronological history is presented which touches upon growth, politics, economics, education, cultural organizations, etc. Included at the end is a series of approximately 45 histories of leading 20th century businesses, companies, and organizations.

Chappell, Helen. "Bridging the Bay." Chesapeake Bay Magazine 24 (June 1994): 44-49.

Chesapeake Research Consortium. The Effects of Tropical Storm Agnes on the Chesapeake Bay Estuarine System. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1977.

Chevalier, Michel. Histoire et description des voies de communication aux États Unis et des travaux d'art qui en dépendent [History and Description of the Channels of Communication of the United States...]. Paris: 1841.
Annotations / Notes: A good deal of important early information on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad is contained in two volumes, one of text and the other of maps and illustrations, by the French economist and advocate of industrial development as the key to social progress. Other railroads and canals are also given extensive treatment.

Chivers, Robin, and Edward Terry, comps. Directory of Computerized Bibliographic Systems in the Greater Baltimore Area. Baltimore: Welch Medical Library, 1975.
Annotations / Notes: Technical.

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Annotations / Notes: This is a convenient abstract of Clayton's Virginia descriptions, equally applicable to Maryland, discussing a wide variety of animals and plants, their uses and special characters. The Reverend Clayton wrote considerably more.

Coffin, Lewis A., Jr., and Arthur C. Holden. Brick Architecture of the Colonial Period in Maryland & Virginia. N.p., 1919.