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Cumberland, Sally. "Conflict Between Protestants and Puritans: A Battle in Lusby." Calvert Historian 25 (Spring 2000): 12-26.
Category: Religion | Calvert County | Other

Dame, Hally Brent. "History of Maryland House and Garden Pilgrimage 1930-1987." Calvert Historian 8 (Spring 1993): 48-54.

Dessaint, A. Y. "Black Culture in Early 20th-Century Calvert County." Calvert County Historical Society News and Notes 2 (October 1983): 10-19.

Dessaint, A. Y. "Was Coxtown Really Lower Marlboro?" Calvert County Historical Society News and Notes 2 (October 1983): 3-8.

Dessaint, A. Y. Southern Maryland Yesterday and Today: Crab Pots and Sotweed Fields. Prince Frederick, MD: Calvert County Historical Society, 1984.
Annotations / Notes: Historic photographs and excerpts from 60 of the "best" works on Southern Maryland. Arranged predominately by theme, the chapters include working the land, working the water, life in the home, and life in the community. A ten page introduction gives a brief chronological history of the area.

Dessaint, Alain. Southern Maryland Directory: A Guide to Researching the Region's Past. Prince Frederick, MD: Southern Maryland Today, 1983.

Dixon, Clara M. "'Paddle Your Own Canoe'-A Brief History of Solomons High School, 1921-1939." Bugeye Times, (1991): 1, 14.

Dodds, Richard J. "Cove Point Lighthouse: Sentinel on Calvert's Cliffs." Bugeye Times, 22 (Winter 1997/1998): 1, 6-9.
Category: Maritime | Calvert County

Dodds, Richard J. "Drum Point Lighthouse-Its Origins Revisited." Bugeye Times, 18 (Winter 1993/94): 1, 6-7.
Category: Maritime | Calvert County

Dodds, Richard J. "In Time of Need - The Solomons 'Marine Hospital', 1890-1930." Bugeye Times, 19 (Winter 1994/95): 1, 6-7.

Dodds, Richard J. Islands in a River: Solomons and Broomes Island, Maryland. Solomons, MD: Calvert Marine Museum, 2008.

Dodds, Richard. Solomons Island and Vicinity: An Illustrated History and Walking Tour. Solomons, MD: Calvert Marine Museum, 1995.
Annotations / Notes: A narrative history of the Island, from its inhabitation by Native Americans to the late twentieth century. The author covers the folklore, traditions, and way of life of this unusual community. Poetry and phrases are also included. There is a discussion of the Island's future. The books is illustrated with images by noted Maryland photographers Marion Warren and Aubrey Bodine. A tour of Solomons Island, Avondale (Johnston), and the surrounding area. The sites chosen discuss the social and cultural history of the area.

Dunkle, Maurice A. "Calvert Industrial School." Calvert Historian, 4 (Fall 1989): 7-19.

Earle, Swepson. The Chesapeake Bay Country. Baltimore: Thomsen-Ellis Company, 1923.
Annotations / Notes: Divided into three regions -- southeastern Maryland, Upper Bay, and the Eastern Shore, this work includes a history for each, written by five noted authors, followed by a description of the counties in each, along with places of interest and the people of these places. The histories of the areas places special emphasis on major houses and genealogy of the owners. It is nicely illustrated with contemporary photographs, which nearly 80 years later serve as historic images. There are four pages of interesting photos of African Americans.

Eckstine, John. "Industrial Innovation in Calvert County." Calvert Historian, 2 (October 1987): 10-13, 26-28.

Eden, Paul G. "An Informal Calvert County Weather Chronology (significant events 1979-1986)." Calvert Historian 3 (Spring 1988): 13-22.

Eden, Paul G. "Calvert County Tornadoes." Calvert Historian 2 (October 1986): 37.

Eden, Paul G. "The Dates of Two Calvert County Tornadoes." Calvert Historian 2 (October 1987): 31-32.

Eden, Paul G., and Lou Rose. "Tornadoes in Calvert County--Sidelights on Calvert County Weather History." Calvert Historian 1 (April 1985): 18-24.

Elder, Robert A., Jr. "Excavation Report on the Angelica (Knoll) Area: A Colonial Historical Site on the Jones Farm in Calvert County, Maryland." Maryland Archeology, 27 (March 1991): 1-47.