Sterling Family Papers

U.S. General Hospital Div. No. 1


The letters on this site are transcriptions of original material located in the Archives and Manuscripts Department at the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland. This collection is 62 letters in extent, primarily written by a Civil War Union officer's wife, Tillie Farquhar Sterling, with additional letters written by Tillie's husband, Will Sterling, and Tillie's mother, Anna Virginia ("A. V.") Farquhar. The papers represent the correspondence of Tillie with her mother, her mother with Tillie, Will with his father, and of Tillie and Will with each other. They detail daily life in wartime Maryland and offer interesting information from the perspective of two ordinary families during an extraordinary period of our nation's history.

This collection is only half of the corpus. The remaining letters are at the New York State Library and contain letters written by the couple during their time in the New York area.

Photo credit: Letter from Union soldier John W. Sturtevant to his family in New Hampshire during the American Civil War, 1864. Maryland Manuscripts collections, item 4273

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