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Consortial Library Applications Support

The Consortial Library Applications Support (CLAS) team provides technical support in the integration, operation and maintenance efforts of software and applications shared by the University of System of Maryland and Affiliated Institutions (USMAI) Library Consortium, which consists of 17 member libraries of universities and colleges in the State of Maryland.    

The applications supported include the integrated library system (Aleph), the link resolver, Research Port, proxy server, and discovery services.  The CLAS team is responsible for managing and maintaining the daily operations, reports, problem triage and resolutions, data cleanup, resources activation and upgrades of these applications in order to make resources discoverable and accessible for users of USMAI libraries.

The CLAS team also works closely with USMAI Task Groups on various issues in regard to acquisitions, circulation and cataloging and collection policies and practices as they relate to the library applications.

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