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Korean Collection

The books, e-books, articles and many more items are searchable from the Librarires' main webpage.   In order to find Korean materials on catalog, enter either the author or title in McCune-Reischauer romanized form.

DBpia provides full text databases including more than two million articles from about 3,300 Korean scholarly journals in 8 different fields of humanities, social science, natural science, engineering, medical
science, Agriculture & fishery, Art & Kinesiology, and other interdisciplinary studies.  All the back issues of each journal title are available and title, author, keyword, journal title and publisher searchable.

Naver News Library is a full-text Korean newspaper article database containing the following four major newspapers: Tonga ilbo東亞日報= Dong-A ilbo : 1920-1999 Kyŏnghyang sinmun 京鄕新聞 = Kyunghyang Shinmun : 1946-1999 Maeil kyŏngje sinmun每日經濟新聞 = Maeil Business Newspaper : 1966-1999 Han’gyŏre 한겨레 = The Hankyoreh : 1988-1999.

A bibliography of approximately 4,800 records of books about Korea in English up to 1995 held by the LOC.