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Commercial Production of Taconite

On September 13, 1956, the first U.S. processing plant for the production of taconite became fully functional in Silver Bay, Minnesota. Taconite, an ore that contains 25-30% iron, was considered useless before World War II. However, as U.S. ore reserves were depleted, ways of obtaining the iron found in taconite became important. In processing the ore, rock is crushed at then separated to obtain pellets that consist of 65% iron that can be used for other processes, including making steel. 

 Items in Our Collection:

 Pioneering with taconite by Edward W Davis

 Taconite in the Wind River Mountains, Sublette County, Wyoming by Ronald G Worl; Geological Survey of Wyoming.

The geology of the metamorphosed Biwabik iron-formation, eastern Mesabi district, Minnesota by James Ronald Novotny Gundersen; George M Schwartz