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Coolidge Dam dedicated

In 1930, the Coolidge Dam on the Gila River in Arizona was dedicated by President Calvin Coolidge. Built 31 miles east of Globe, Ariz., on the San Carlos Indian Reservation, it irrigates 100,000 acres. Coolidge Dam was designed and constructed, and is owned and operated, by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and was constructed between 1924 and 1928.  Construction of the dam incurred opposition from the Apache tribe, who feared a violation of their treaty rights.

A compromise was finally made with the Indians, and the tribal burial grounds and the old camp from which Geronimo started his raids now lie deep under the waters of the reservoir. It was proposed to disinter the bodies but the Apache vehemently objected to what they considered desecration of the dead, so a concrete slab was laid over the principal burial ground at a cost of $11,000

The dam used 200,000 cubic yards of concrete and consists of three domes, which are supported by massive buttresses on 100-foot centers. It rises 249 feet, with a crest length of 580 feet. Two uncontrolled crest spillways are concrete lined and located on each abutment.

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