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Paper is invented

In 105, Ts'ai Lun invented paper, made from wood bark, hemp, and other fibers, along with fish nets and rags. The paper thus obtained was found to be superior in writing quality to cloth made of pure silk (the principal writing surface of the time), as well as being much less expensive to produce and having more abundant sources.  Ts'ai Lun lived and served  at the Chinese Imperial Court of the Han Dynasty in China. He presented samples of paper to Emperor Han Ho Ti along with the paper making process. He was promoted by the Emperor for his invention and became wealthy.  In the West at that time, books were made of sheepskin or calfskin.

Books in our collection

The story of papermaking by Edwin Sutermeister

Fundamental advances and innovations in the pulp and paper industry by Brian Brogdon, Colleen Walker, Peter Hart

Handbook of pulping and papermaking by Christopher J. Biermann