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Marie Curie lectures at the Sorbonne

In 1906, Marie Curie gave her inaugural lecture as the first woman lecturer at the Sorbonne. She explained the theory of ions in gases and her treatise on radioactivity to120 students, public and press. It was on this same day, fifteen years earlier, that she first enrolled at the Sorbonne. Following the accidental death of her husband, Pierre Curie, she had been invited to occupy the Physics chair at the Sorbonne that he had held.  Madame Curie, by now a Nobel prize winner and authority on radioactivity, continued the work she started with her husband.

Books in our collection

 Marie Curie  by Robert William Reid

Marie Curie and the science of radioactivity  by Naomi Pasachoff

Who's afraid of Marie Curie?: the challenges facing women in science and technology  by Linley Erin Hall