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Norbert Wiener

American mathematician Norbert Wiener was born on this day in 1894.  Wiener established the science of cybernetics, a term he coined, which is concerned with the common factors of control and communication in living organisms, automatic machines, and organizations. He attained international renown by formulating some of the most important contributions to mathematics in the 20th century. His work on generalised harmonic analysis and Tauberian theorems won the Bôcher Prize in 1933 when he received the prize from the American Mathematical Society for his memoir Tauberian theorems published in Annals of Mathematics in the previous year.  The Norbert Wiener Center for Harmonic Analysis and Applications at the University of Maryland is named in his honor.

Books in our Collection

Selected papers of Norbert Wiener, including Generalized harmonic analysis and Tauberian theorems  by Norbert Wiener

Norbert Wiener, 1894-1964  by Pesi Masani

Cybernetics; or, Control and communication in the animal and the machine  by Norbert Wiener

Ex-prodigy; my childhood and youth  by Norbert Wiener

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