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How to Find Streaming Media Reserves Items

To view a Streaming Media Reserves item that is an item from the library's collection, or to see a list of all items on reserve, view the tutorial on How to Access Course Reserves.

To view a Streaming Media Reserves item that was digitized for your course, follow the directions below.

Login to ELMS using your directory ID and password.

elms login

Select your course from the side menu that appears after clicking on the Courses tab.

Courses Menu

Select Modules from the left-hand navigation menu.

Modules on left menu

Select the Library Streaming Reserves on the right.

Library Streaming Reserves on right

You will now see all of the Streaming Video available for your course, with the exception of streaming items that are in the Libraries' collections.

Hover over and click on the Video that you would like to view.

Click on the Play button to view the video.


Contact Course Reserves Staff at your library branch
Not sure who to contact? Contact us at

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