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Research and Projects

Sunset at eastern shore, maryland

Mapping salt water intrusion in agricultural fields

topography map projected onto sand

Augmented Reality Topographic Sandbox

  • Creating an interactive, engaging experience for patrons to learn about hydrologic and geographic concepts
  • Developing models that are augmented in real time with an elevation color map, contour lines, and simulated water
  • Providing interactive outreach and table top science experiences to the campus community
  • Using open source algorithms and code developed by UC Davis.
william prange installation at hornbake library

Prange Collection exhibit

  • Collaborating with Special Collections to create a visual story map for upcoming 2020-21 exhibit
1955 Testudo

University of Maryland Campus: A Story Map New!

  • A story map focusing on UMD's historical and architectural evolution since its founding in 1856
  • Visually displaying the University of Maryland, College Park campus's transformation from the Maryland Agricultural College to what we see today
Prange Collection posters infront of Hornbake Library

Life of United States military families in Tokyo: Story map

  • Story map that visits signicant places in central Tokyo for American military and civilian personnel during the American occupation following World War II
  • Developed as part of the Hornbake Library's Prange Collection exhibit Crossing the Divide: An American Dream Made in Occupied Japan 1945-1952
  • Exhibit on display until July 2019, story map available online
Testudo as frankenstein for 200th anniversary

Frankenstein character paths: Story map

stolen book cover

Custom map development: Stolen by Dr. Richard Bell

  • Created for Dr. Richard Bell's publication Stolen: Five Boys Kidnapped into Slavery and their Astonishing Odyssey Home
  • Depicts routes traveled by the five boys and their kidnappers