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Research and Projects

Sunset at eastern shore, maryland

Mapping salt water intrusion in agricultural fields

1955 Testudo

University of Maryland campus story map

  • Focusing on UMD's historical and architectural evolution since its founding in 1856
  • Visually displaying the University of Maryland, College Park campus's transformation from the Maryland Agricultural College to what we see today
topography map projected onto sand

Augmented Reality Topographic Sandbox

  • Creating an interactive, engaging experience for patrons to learn about hydrologic and geographic concepts
  • Developing models that are augmented in real time with an elevation color map, contour lines, and simulated water
  • Providing interactive outreach and table top science experiences to the campus community
  • Using open source algorithms and code developed by UC Davis.
william prange installation at hornbake library

Prange Collection exhibit

  • Collaborating with Special Collections to create a visual story map for upcoming 2020-21 exhibit
Prange Collection posters infront of Hornbake Library

Life of United States military families in Tokyo: Story map

  • Story map that visits signicant places in central Tokyo for American military and civilian personnel during the American occupation following World War II
  • Developed as part of the Hornbake Library's Prange Collection exhibit Crossing the Divide: An American Dream Made in Occupied Japan 1945-1952
  • Exhibit on display until July 2019, story map available online
Testudo as frankenstein for 200th anniversary

Frankenstein character paths: Story map

stolen book cover

Custom map development: Stolen by Dr. Richard Bell

  • Created for Dr. Richard Bell's publication Stolen: Five Boys Kidnapped into Slavery and their Astonishing Odyssey Home
  • Depicts routes traveled by the five boys and their kidnappers