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Library Resources

Searching for Books

To search for books in the Libraries, simply go to the Libraries' home page and type in either the exact book you are looking for or your general subject in the search box in the middle of the page.

Then click search. This will search WorldCat, the Libraries' catalog.

When the results are available, click on the one is most relevant to your research, then check to see that it is on the shelf. In order to find the book you are looking for, you will need to write down its call number and location.


The call number is a set of numbers and letters that will let you know which floor the book is on when you look at this map of McKeldin Library.  The location will either be reference, stacks, folio, or periodical.  This tells you the location of the book on the floor you go to.

Searching for Articles in WorldCat

WorldCat is not only for searching for books.  You can find articles the Libraries own in WorldCat, as well.  Searching for articles in WorldCat is very similar to searching for books.  However, instead of searching from the main search box, click the Find Articles tab and use that search box.  This will limit your results to articles only.

If you know the title of the article you are looking for, type it in the search box on the Libraries' home page, click search, and then look at the results to see if your article appears in the results.  If you do another search after your first one, you will need to specify that you want articles only.  To do this from the search results page, go the left side of the page under Format and check the box next to Article.  Then do your search.

Searching for Articles in the Database Finder

The Libraries subscribe to over 300 databases, all of which can be accessed from any library computer. Go to the Libraries' home page and click on Databases to get started:

  • Here you can select the database by title, publisher or subject.


For more information on how to search try the Intro to Research guide.


Special Collections and Other Resources

University of Maryland's Hornbake Library is home to the University's Special Collections as well as Nonprint Media.  Be sure to visit Hornbake if you are looking for something more than books or articles for your paper.