Today: McKeldin CLOSED

Library Services

Guest Access to Computers

The Libraries have many computers available to the public. These computers are located throughout the Libraries. In order to use these computers, you must present a valid photo ID to the staff at the Circulation Desk.  Acceptable forms of ID include: driver's license, state-issued ID card, school ID and others with a photo and unique identifying number.   Guest passes are good for 7 consecutive days and then you will need to reapply.  You will then be issued a guest account which you can use to login to the computers. These guest accounts are not compatible with the Mac Operating System, so please only use a PC.

Library Computers: Email, Word, Your Flashdrive

Library computers have Microsoft Office installed on them, which means you can use Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.  You can also get access to the Web to check your email.  We advise that you carry a flashdrive with you since you cannot store your work on library computers. If you do not have a flashdrive, consider emailing yourself any work that you do not finish during your time in the library, so that you will be able to access it later.

Printing/Photocopying in the Libraries

Anyone can print from a library computer for a fee. Since library photocopiers and printers do not take $ bills or coins, you will need to purchase a Photocopy Card.  These cards look like this:


Photocopy Cards may be purchased in any campus library using a Copy Card ATM.  These machines are found on the ground floor by the Library Services Desk and on the Second floor in the Terrapin Learning Commons. It costs $1.00 to buy a Photocopy Card.  When received, the card comes with a balance of only 20 cents; this is enough to print/photocopy 2 black & white pages, at 10 cents per page. Once purchased, additional money can be added to your card in order to print/copy additional pages.

Copy card ATMs accept $5, $10, and $20 bills.  There is a Bill-to-Bill Changer machine in McKeldin Library stationed next to the Copy Card ATMs.


Scanning is free in the Libraries!  Simply login to the computer attached to the scanner and follow the instructions next to the scanner. Scans can be saved to a flashdrive or emailed.  For more information click here.

Getting Help

If you need help at any point during your visit to the Libraries, visit the Information Desk where library staff would be happy to assist you.  You can also visit the Libraries' help page. If you need help with your research or any resources you found after your day at the University, talk to the librarian at your high school!