Today: McKeldin CLOSED

Preparing for Your Visit

Before your trip to the Libraries there are a few things you should keep in mind:



Bring dollar bills: You will need bills to purchase a photocopy/print card. You can also use bills to buy food at Footnotes Cafe (located in McKeldin Library) or the Stamp Student Union.


Bring supplies: Bring a pen/pencil, notebook, and flashdrive (see below); bring as little as possible with you as there are no facilities to store your jackets, bags, etc.


Bring a Flashdrive: We advise that you carry a flashdrive with you for any work you might do since you cannot store your work on library computers.



Your Laptop or Tablet: Laptops can be used for application other than connecting to the campus network.  You will not be able to connect to the campus wifi network.  Only UMD students, faculty, and staff can do this.  However, if you are going to be using Microsoft Word and prefer typing on your own computer, you may bring your laptop.


Your Behavior: Please be aware that you are expected to adhere to the Libraries' Code of Conduct policy at all times during your visit.

Safety and Security: Please keep your possessions with you at all times. There are no guards in the library, so make sure you always know where your belongings are, in order to prevent theft.