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Ferruccio Busoni

Ferruccio Busoni was born in Empoli, Tuscany on April 1, 1866. He first learned the piano under the guidance of his parents, who were both musicians. He played his first concert at the age of 7. By the time he was 10, Busoni was astounding audiences in Vienna. In Vienna, he studied under Hans Schmitt. Later, in Graz, Busoni worked briefly with Dr. Wilhelm Mayer-Remy. He followed this with three years of study in Leipzig. He played throughout Europe during his teens and made his first American appearance when he was 24. Busoni established himself as a succesful teacher and performer. He ended his teaching career at the State Academy in Berlin, where he died on July 27, 1924. During his life, however, Busoni concentrated most of his artistic energies on composition, producing a large output in many genres. His style underwent a constant evolution and by the late 20th century, Busoni's piano music and stageworks had earned increasing attention from both performers and scholars.


Listen: Ecossaises (Beethoven-Busoni)