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Eugen d'Albert

Eugen d'Albert was born in Glasgow, Scotland on April 10, 1864. His father, the French composer Charles d'Albert, was his initial teacher. After further study at the National Training School in London, d'Albert met Hans Richter and began studying with him. After a year with Richter, d'Albert was brought to Liszt as a student. In 1881, D'Albert began performing in public and met with great acclaim. He continued to tour, reaching the United States in 1889-90 and again in 1892. d'Albert then settled in Germany becoming a citizen there. d'Albert was also very active as a composer, writing some 20 operas as well as many works for the piano. In 1907, he became the director of the Berlin Hochschule, continuing the traditions he inherited from Liszt. d'Albert died in Riga on March 3, 1932.