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Sviatoslav Richter

Born in Zhitomir, Russia in 1914, Sviatoslav Richter studied in Odessa and made his performing debut in 1934. Three years later, he went to the Moscow Conservatory and was a pupil of Neuhaus. He graduated in 1947 and was awarded the Stalin Prize two years later. Owing to his recordings, he became well known in the West. His first U.S. performance was in 1960, but he returned only twice, in 1965 and 1970. Richter's extensive concertizing was largely based in Europe and Japan, as well as the USSR. He acquired a nearly legendary reputation for the breadth of his repertoire and for the power and conviction of his musicianship. Richter's discography is one of the largest of any pianist's and is dominated by many live concert recordings. Richter died in 1997.