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Anton Rubinstein

Anton Rubinstein (1829-1894), considered the first important Russian professional pianist, made his debut in 1839. He continued to study and perform throughout his early years, spending some time in Paris. It was there that he met and performed before Chopin and Liszt. Continued touring took him throughout Europe, including Berlin, where he settled in 1843. After shuttling between Berlin and Vienna to continue his studies, he returned to Russia in 1848 and further solidified his position as both a composer and performer. He toured further before founding the St. Petersburg Conservatory in 1862. By 1867, he resumed his touring career which took him to the United States (1872-73) and back to Europe for a farewell tour in 1885-1886. Rubinstein was known for composing prolifically in a variety of genres and for instructing several important pianists.