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Josef Hofmann

Josef Hofmann was born in Podgorze, Poland on June 20, 1876. Instructed solely by his father until the age of 10, Hofmann began performing at the age of six. His touring years began then as well, leading him through major European cities with great success and frequent comparisons to a young Mozart. Hofmann's main teachers were Moritz Moszkowski and Anton Rubinstein. In 1887, Hofmann made his first appearences in the U.S. Hofmann then settled in this country and became the first Director of the newly opened Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. Hofmann composed a number of piano works. He died in Los Angeles on February 16, 1957.

Listen: Chant Polonaise, Op. 74, No. 1 "The Maiden's Wish" (Chopin/Liszt)