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Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible, individual applicants must:

  1. Be a currently enrolled University of Maryland College Park undergraduate at any class level, and in any discipline (e.g. arts, humanities, social sciences, sciences and engineering).
  2. Have completed their research paper/project for a credit course or under the direction of a professor or a librarian at the University of Maryland College Park during the past calendar year (e.g. January to December 2018).
  3. Agree to attend Undergraduate Research Day on the last Wednesday of April each year, if you are winning awardee.
  4. Agree to submit their research paper/project to the Digital Repository at the University of Maryland (DRUM).
  5. Have their research papers/projects and essay written in English. For papers written in a foreign language, follow the guidelines in FAQ section, item #7.
  6. Agree to have application used as data in a study on trends of undergraduate information seeking and use.