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Essay Requirements

An essay consisting of 750-1,000 words is required that describes your experience in using the information resources and library services. Explain your research strategy and how you used and evaluated the resources found. The following questions should be addressed in your essay. If one or more of the questions are not applicable, please explain why.

  • How did you begin your research? Explain how you came up with your research query/topic.
  • How did you discover your sources? Which library or other information sources did you use? Explain particular techniques or strategies that you used while searching and discovering information.
  • Did you seek assistance from a librarian, a professor, or someone else? If so, how this interaction impacted your research process? Was there anyone in particular who gave you the inspiration to turn your research in a different direction?
  • How did you select and evaluate the sources you found? Explain which criteria you used for selecting sources.
  • What did you learn during the research process that will help further your academic or professional career?

Finally, reflecting back on your research experience, what would you change?  How could the library be a better place for your research needs? Be creative and bold in your imagination!