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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where should I submit my application materials?  

Applications must be submitted online via the Digital Repository at the University of Maryland (DRUM) web site. Submissions will not be accepted after the deadline. See the Application guidelines section of the left sidebar for more information.

If, due to format, your project cannot be submitted electronically, contact Patti Cossard to make arrangements for hand delivery. This must be done well in advance of the deadline.

2. Are group/team projects eligible for the award?  

No, we are no longer accepting group projects.

3. May I submit multiple projects/ papers for consideration?  

No. Instead of submitting several research papers, choose the best one and describe your research experience in your essay. 

4. Must my project include a bibliography?  

Yes. All submissions must include a properly formatted bibliography in a recognized style (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.). A bibliography is mandatory regardless of whether or not your professor originally required it. Check out the UMD Libraries' Citation Tools web site for help creating your bibliography.

5. If I am not able to attend Undergraduate Research Day (eligibility requirement #3), am I still able to apply for the award? 

In some circumstances (e.g. study abroad program or funeral of a close relative), this requirement can be waived. However, the award must be received in person (no checks will be mailed). 

6. Am I eligible to apply if I am graduating in May or December? 

Yes. Students can still apply for the library award, if their research projects have been completed in the previous calendar year for May graduates and in the current calendar year for December graduates. 

7. My paper is written in a language other than English. What should I do?

If the research paper is written in a foreign language, translate it in English and place the following note at the beginning of your document in italics:

This is a translated English version of the original paper written in [state the language here]. The original text in [foreign language] follows on p. [….] in this document. 

8. Are undergraduates who write research papers outside of a course eligible for this award? For example, if a student works in a research lab and publishes a review paper in a journal by extensively searching the literature, would the student qualify?  

Yes. The applicant would have to obtain the permission of the publisher in order to deposit the paper in DRUM.  If the student is unable to obtain the publisher's permission, then we would provide access to the essay and restrict access to the actual journal article. It's also possible to embargo the journal article for a specified period of time if the journal agrees to that option.  

9. Is it possible to submit ongoing, incomplete projects? 

No, only completed papers are accepted. You might apply next year for the award. 

10. Can I revise my paper beyond its graded version or must it be the version of the paper that was graded by my instructor?  

You can make any edits you like before you submit your application. When asking your instructor for the letter of recommendation, present him/her your updated and final paper.  Once it is submitted, no further corrections can be made. 

11. When depositing my research paper into DRUM, what rights am I, as an author, giving to the University of Maryland?

When you submit items to DRUM, you agree to the DRUM license and grant the University of Maryland a non-exclusive right to retain, preserve, and provide access to your material. The term "non-exclusive" means that you retain all copyright to your work. You can still enter into agreements with other organizations (such as publishers) granting them rights to use your material.

If you have further questions, please email us.

12. Who are the judges for the prize?  

The jury consists of three subject librarians, a faculty member of the Libraries' IDEA committee, and a faculty member from the iSchool, College of Information Studies.

13. Will the prize be given every year?  

Not necessarily. The prize will only be given when the work submitted is of high enough quality to warrant it. We anticipate giving the prize every year, therefore, but do not guarantee it.

14. Why is this prize only for undergraduates?  

This prize is aimed at promoting the use of library research among undergraduates in order to prepare them for lifelong learning. The goal is to promote and reward research strategies at an earlier stage of learning than graduate level work.

15. Can I find examples of past award winning papers?  

Yes, examples of past award winning papers can be found in DRUM Collection: Library Award for Undergraduate Research.

16.  If I receive an Award, will it impact my financial aid? 

The award may affect your financial aid. Please consult your financial aid advisor or the Office of Student Financial Aid.