Giants of Broadcasting

The Giants of Broadcasting & Electronic Arts was created by the Library of American Broadcasting Foundation to identify those professionals who have demonstrated outstanding excellence in four creative disciplines: the innovators whose vision and brilliance have brought electronic communications into being, the entrepreneurs whose acumen and resolve have turned possibilities into viability, the programmers (entertainers and actors as well as all manner of talent behind the footlights) whose art is the singular bond with the audience, and the journalists who collectively have created a new communications form whose effect has been no less than to transform mankind. It is the purpose of the annual Giants ceremony, now held in cooperation with the IRTS Foundation, and its associated endeavors to recognize this professionalism and excellence across a multimedia spectrum that now comprises radio, conventional television, cable TV, satellites, the internet and, prospectively, the social and developing media that will continue to impact audiences worldwide by broadcasting from one to many through a radio receiver, a television screen, a computer monitor or a mobile device. It’s life at the summit of the electronic arts.

The Library of American Broadcasting Foundation's 15th Annual

produced by The International Radio and Television Society Foundation