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Library Media Services - Staff

Library Media Services Staff

All LMS staff: Use this for general service questions and information, or call the front desk at 301-405-9236.

Library Media Services houses a variety of expensive and specialized equipment that is needed to play a wide variety of media, Tony assists in playback equipment repair and classroom technology maintenance. 

Contact If:
You observe broad technology problems with LMS classrooms, campus cable reception, or legacy media.

Phone: 301-405-9236

Email: achan1

Library Media Services houses a variety of expensive and specialized equipment that is needed to play a wide variety of media. Not only is much of the playback equipment difficult to repair or replace, some of the machines are simply no longer made. Juana constantly makes sure that all media is accessible in original format or through format migration. She also performs minor fixes when either equipment or the artifact does break down, and keeps the library alerted to problematic environmental or technical situations. 

Contact if: 
You have identify media or equipment requiring troubleshooting.
If you identify equipment in LMS needing repair.
You have a project requiring multimedia format & equipment knowledge.

Phone: 301-405-9384;

Email: jgodinez

oversees services provided by all of our student workers. She trains them to respond quickly and to anticipate any questions and issues patrons have. She also processes collection and facility reservations. 

Contact if: 
You have a question about reserving a room, or previous reservations.
You are trying to request materials from UMD and other affiliated libraries.
You would like to work at Library Media Services.

Phone: 301-405-9232;

Email: guoying

as new media comes in or is donated to us it is David’s job to get it in the system. For some films this means finding and matching the film to an existing record in the OCLC database. For other films a whole new record may need to be created, meaning that each aspect of the film from actors to production company needs to be investigated and documented so that not only our patrons, but the entire network knows the correct information about each piece of media. 

Phone: 301-405-9350;

Email: dglenn1

is responsible for overseeing all of the functions of the Library Media Services’ facilities, collections, staff and services. He also helps to facilitate new means of integrating media subject collections, digital streaming media and production with the University of Maryland curriculum while also maintaining the media access, conservation and integration work being done to support The LIbraries’ public services. 

Contact if: 
You would like to make a suggestion for a new media acquisition.
You would like to find and add media to your syllabus.
You need an overview of media resources available through the libraries or nationwide.
You need to start a media centric research project or add media to your existing work.

Phone: 301-405-9226;

Email: carleton 

is responsible for maintaining and making available to our community our large collection of legacy media and video production technology and equipment. He also works with the Libraries to keep us all up to date with the emerging technology, and helps to advise on which technology acquisitions would best improve our ability to serve our patrons. 

Contact if: 
You have a question about media equipment that’s not answered on the equipment page.
You want to select and reserve equipment for your class or make sure it’s available for your students.
You need help operating borrowed equipment or the equipment isn’t working correctly.
You want to use some equipment in house not typically available for loan. 

Phone: 301-405-9352

Email: ypaul

On a daily basis he helps individual patrons and groups with audio and video production questions and issues, runs workshops, and helps classes with production needs. He also helps advise Libraries’ staff on production, equipment acquisitions and advises with production related events for the Libraries. 

Contact if: 
You need help with planning an audio or video production assignment.
You want help integrating video production into your class project or curriculum.
You have a question about Library Media Services’ audio and video production equipment.

Phone: 301-405-9225

Email: lqueen

Over the years the university has accumulated a vast collection of legacy media formats. Linda works to make sure these formats in our general media collections, particularly 16mm film, are accessible and properly maintained and that information about them is discoverable. This task is particularly important because many materials are at risk, especially film and magnetic tape which are susceptible to chemical deterioration. She also keeps the library aware of any building or environmental problems that could impact the integrity of the collections. 

Contact if: 
You have questions about our legacy media collections. 
You have interest in the process of viewing and preserving vintage film.

Phone: 301-405-9228

Email: sarigol