National Academy of Engineering Members

Name Year Elected Primary Section Election Citation

John D. Anderson, Jr.

2010 Aerospace For aerospace engineering and history textbooks and for contributions to hypersonic gas dynamics.

David Atlas

1986 Special Fields & Interdisciplinary For contributions, inventions, leadership, and public service in the application of radar and electromagnetic engineering to meteorology. 

Ivo M. Babuska

2005 Mechanical For contributions to the theory and implementation of finite element methods for computer-based engineering analysis and design.

Gregory B. Baecher

2006 Civil For the development, explication, and implementation of probabilistic- and reliability-based approaches to geotechnical and water-resources engineering. 

William J. Bailey

1990 died prior to selection of section For major contributions to the field of engineered polymers including development of strain free adhesives, biodegradable polymers and thermally stable ladder polymers.

Howard R. Baum

2000 Mechanical For developing and implementing broadly applicable analytical models and numerical tools for understanding and mitgating fire phenomena.

Antonio J. Busalacchi

2016 Special Fields & Interdisciplinary For understanding of tropical oceans in coupled climate systems via remotely sensed observations and for international leadership of climate prediction/projection research.

James W. Dally

1984 Mechanical Electronics, Communications and Information For his significant contributions to dynamic photoelasticity, stress wave propagation, and fracture mechanics.

George E. Dieter

1993 Materials For contributions to engineering education in the areas of materials design and processing.

Millard S. Firebaugh

2000 Special Fields and Interdisciplinary For innovation and U.S. Navy leadership in submarine design, propulsion, and construction.

Howard Frank

2002 Computer Science and Engineering For contributions to the design and analysis of computer communication networks.

Gerald E. Galloway, Jr.

2004 Civil For distinguished leadership in the management of sustainable water resources and education in environmental engineering.

Jacques S. Gansler

2002 Aerospace Industrial Manufacturing and Operational For public and private leadership in the U.S. Department of Defense and major contributions in teaching missle guidance and control system.

George R. Irwin

1977 Mechanical Invention of modern fracture mechanics and its innovative application to engineering design.

Eugenia Kalnay

1996 Special Fields and Interdisciplinary For advances in understanding atmospheric dynamics, numerical modeling, and atmospheric predictability and in the quality of U.S. operational weather forecasts.

Joseph Kestin

1982 no primary section listed Significant contributions to thermodynamics, including pioneering work in the measurement of transport properties of working substances and in the study of free-stream turbulence effects on heat transmission.

Helmut E. Landsberg

1966 no primary section listed Applied climatology and seismology.

John W. Morris

1979 Civil Leadership in the conduct of engineering programs of national significance.

Ali Mosleh

2010 Electric Power/Energy Systems For contributions to the development of Bayesian methods and computational tools in probabilistic rise assessment and reliability engingeering. 

C.D. (Dan) Mote

1988 Mechanical For analysis of the mechanics of complex dynamic systems, providing results of great practical importance in vibrations and biomechanics.

Elaine S. Oran

2003 Aerospace For unifying engineering, scientific, and mathematical disciplines into a computational methodology to solve challenging aerospace combustion problems.

Darryl J. Pines

2019 Aerospace For inspirational leadership and contributions to engineering education excellence in the United States.

Eugene M. Rasmusson

1999 Special Fields and Interdisciplinary For contributions to understanding climate variability and establishing the basis for practical predictions of El Nino.

Lyle H. Schwartz

1994 Materials For leadership in materials research and in coordinating industry and government collaboration in materials engineering.

Shan-fu Shen

1985 Mechanical For fundamental contributions to aerodynamics and non-Newtonian fluid mechanics.

Ben A. Shneiderman

2010 Computer Science and Engineering For research, software development, and scholarly texts concerning human-computer interaction and information visualization.

John B. Slaughter

1982 Electronics, Communication & Information Systems Contribution to the design of digital, sampled-data control systems, and leadership in shaping national engineering science policy and in fostering increased participation of minorities in engineering.

Katepalli R. Sreenivasan

1999 Mechanical For the application of modern non-linear dynamics to turbulent flows.

G.W. (Pete) Stewart

2004 Computer Science and Engineering For the development of numerical algorithms and software widely used in engineering computation.

Stephen M. Trimberger

2016 Computer Science and Engineering For contributions to architectures and programming tools for field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs).

Alvin W. Trivelpiece

1993 Electric Power/Energy Systems For technical contributions to magnetic fusion energy and for leadership in energy research and development.

Richard N. Wright

2003 Civil For sustained leadership in building researching, for the development of standards, and for representing the U.S. building industry and research community worldwide.