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Alma H. Preinkert
Alma H. Preinkert

Uniforms — Early students at the Maryland Agricultural College were required to wear uniforms at all times on campus. The daily uniforms were gray wool with black piping and were similar in style to those of the cadets at West Point. Dress uniforms were more elaborate, with gold-colored buttons and braid. Compulsory wearing of uniforms seems to have ended between 1915 and 1916. By the 1916-17 academic year students were only required to appear in uniform in military formation.

University Medal — Since May 2000, this honor is given to the graduating senior "who best exemplifies academic distinction, extraordinary character, and extracurricular contributions to the campus or public communities." See the list of University Medal recipients for more information.

University of Maryland — The Maryland State College of Agriculture became the University of Maryland in 1920.

Unsolved mystery — On February 28, 1954, Registrar Alma H. Preinkert and one of her sisters were accosted in their Washington, D.C., home by a knife-wielding robber and Miss Preinkert was mortally wounded. Her violent death shocked and saddened the campus community, who created a number of memorials in her honor, including renaming the Women's Field House for her. Miss Preinkert's murder was never solved.