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Online Exhibits

The following online exhibits are drawn from the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library's two special collection repositories, the International Piano Archives at Maryland (IPAM) and Special Collections in Performing Arts. Visitors can learn not only about these collections and their unique holdings, but also how to interpret such materials for your own research.

The American Bandmasters Association Sousa/Ostwald Award

As part of the ABA's mission to build the concert band repertoire, the organization has held an annual contest since 1956 for best new composition for band. Now known as the Sousa/ABA/Ostwald Contest, it has encouraged the composition of dozens of important works, many of which have become standards of the concert band repertoire. From this exhibit you can learn about the composers, view samples of the scores, hear recordings, and view other related material.

Irmgard Bartenieff: A Personal Journey Through Dance

With over 60 years of her work and life, the Bartenieff Papers contain a wealth of materials from, by, and about her. But who was she? In the dance research community, it is fairly well-known that Bartenieff was integral to bringing Rudolf Laban’s theories and practice to the United States when she immigrated in 1936. And we know that she added her own theoretical approaches through her work as a physical therapist. What many do not know is that she was, always, a dancer. And, more generally, she was a force of nature. Through this exhibit readers may get a glimpse into her life and come to know her: dancer, scholar, therapist, Labanotator, student, teacher, and author.

Connecting the Dots: Henry & Sidney Cowell Writings in the Music Library Association Archives

This online exhibit features archival materials from the records of the Music Library Association (MLA), and presents one of many musicological research possibilities in the collection. The documents and objects featured in this online exhibit are from the MLA's records for Notes, the organization's quarterly journal since 1934. The collection is housed at Special Collections in Performing Arts. The MLA was founded in 1931 and has an international membership of librarians, musicians, scholars, educators, and members of the book and music trades.

Great Pianistic Traditions in the IPAM Collections

This exhibit is presented as a series of charts that illustrate a sampling of teacher-to-student connections from several nationalities and schools of pianism. All are represented in the International Piano Archives at Maryland, where pianists and scholars can explore both recorded and written evidence of the elements of great piano playing.

The Jim Henson Works

This digital collection both serves as an online exhibit of materials pertaining to Jim Henson's life and work, and makes available to UMD’s community of students, scholars, and visitors over 70 digital videos spanning 35 years of Henson’s groundbreaking work in television and film. While the full-length videos are available for viewing at public computer stations in the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library, McKeldin Library, and Hornbake Library, the rest of the content is viewable from anywhere.

Modern Songs of War and Conflict

This project explores how popular song has been used to respond to, shape, and make sense of war throughout American history. The materials span a century through sheet music, photographs, records, and research materials on popular music and America's wars of the twentieth century. The scope of this exhibit moves from the grand to the granular exploring personal narratives and global movements. Building on the work and research of brothers Hugo and Wouter Keesing, the project uses timelines, profiles, data stories, and linguistic analysis to make accessible and provide insights into this wide-ranging collection. This collection serves to highlight how popular music has provided a potent voice to resist, abet, and witness the manifold facets of war.

Oral Histories from the American Bandmasters Association 1965 Convention

This online exhibition is centered around ten interviews conducted by Don Gillis at the 1965 ABA Convention and housed in the ABA Research Center. Included are digitized recordings, transcripts of the interviews, photographs, and contextual information. This was made possible with support from the American Bandmasters Association Foundation.

The Recorded History of the UMD Madrigal Singers

An exhibition of historic recordings available from UMD's Digital Collections and documents from the official records of the Madrigal Singers that illustrate the impressive history of this ensemble, as well as the visionary leadership of Professor Rose Marie Grentzer. In addition to the recordings are select photographs, programs, and newspaper clippings. This exhibit also provides glimpses into the history of the university between 1959 and the early 1970s.

Robert Ellis Dunn: Father of Post-modern Dance

This exhibit traces Dunn's life and career through a timeline of events; a map showing his almost frenzied activity between 1983-1986 prior to joining what was then the Department of Dance at the University of Maryland as Associate Professor in August of 1986; and a set of videos that show his choreography, his teaching approach, and his own autobiographical dialogue during an informal interview. Photographs and images accompany the timeline events, with materials from Special Collections in Performing Arts, on loan from Gretchen Dunn (his widow), and from the Library of Congress.

Walking to New Orleans: The Wouter Keesing Collection on Fats Domino

This exhibit is drawn from the Wouter Keesing Collection on Fats Domino and New Orleans R&B. Viewers can learn about the man, the city, and the New Orleans music community through a host of primary sources including recordings, photographs, sheet music, and other documents. You can also learn about the devoted and strategic collecting of Wouter Keesing, resulting in this comprehensive collection on one of popular music's essential artists.