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In Time of Roses

Photograph of a blood-splattered rose

Fri, Apr 26-8:00PM
Sun, Apr 28-2:00PM
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Wed, May 1-7:30PM
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Sat, May 4-2:00PM
Sat, May 4-8:00PM

Kogod Theatre

Director, Ashley Smith

William Shakespeare's Henry IV, parts I, II, and III, Richard III, and sonnets form the basis for director Ashley's Smith's In Time of Roses, a fast-paced political thriller based on the true story of Margaret of Anjou. A mother, wife, and queen forced to lead an army to save her family, Margaret of Anjou was the wife of King Henry VI and the queen consort of England during the bloody and violent War of the Roses. Playwright Ashley Smith, who also directs the performance, says, “My goal is to distill the story of Margaret of Anjou in chronological sequence, focusing on the love triangle between her, King Henry VI and the Earl of Suffolk. I find that this story thread, which I’ve pulled from Shakespeare’s much larger Wars of the Roses tapestry, makes for a great play all by itself.”

Join guest panelists Professor Alex Huang from George Washington University and Dr. Michael Olmert for a post-performance discussion on April 28 following the 2:00pm performance. Join the artists for a post-performance discussion after the May 2 performance.

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