Today: Michelle Smith Performing Arts 09:00AM - 05:00PM

UMD School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies presents William Shakespeare's Macbeth

UMD School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies presents William Shakespeares Macbeth, Friday, January 30 and Saturday, January 31 at The Clarice

A TDPS Second Season Production

In this daring adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic Macbeth, an ensemble of four actors will transform The Clarice into the deadly corridors of Dunsinane Castle.

Directed by School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies artists Riley Bartlebaugh and Sean Patrick Forsythe, this promenade performance will pull the audience from the comfort of their seats and ensnare them in the meteoric rise and tragic fall of a dynasty that was never meant to be.

Explore Shakespeare's play and his world in the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library:

  • The plays, sonnets, and other writings: both online and print versions of Shakespeare's plays and other works are available to the UMD community - get started with these timeless classics today.
  • Books on interpreting, staging, acting, and directing Macbeth  and other Shakespeare works.
  • Shakespeare and the performing arts: Shakespeare's plays go far beyond the stage through operatic and film interpretations. Learn more about how other artists have been inspired by his poetry and plays to create works of their own.
  • Shakespeare biography and general knowledge: Interested in a biography of Shakespeare or writings on his works? How about a filmed version of a play or a documentary on his life? Check out these online resources and items held on the College Park campus today.