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Morton Subotnick, UMD School of Music Artist-in-Residence

Morton Subotnick

2011-12 UMD School of Music Artist-in-Residence

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Composer Morton Subotnick is an artist-in-residence at the UMD School of Music during the 2011-2012 season. On Tuesday, October 4th, several performances and lectures featuring the music of this American composer of electronic music, including:

The Tape Recorder, The Transistor, The Credit Card and the Technological Big Bang: A Personal History 12:30 pm - Leah M. Smith Lecture Hall (Rm 2200): Composer Morton Subotnick speaks about the technology used in his pioneering electronic music work from the 1960s-1970s.

Subotnick: Music as Studio Art 3:00 pm - Leah M. Smith Lecture Hall (Rm 2200): Mr. Subotnick will present a lecture/demo on his ideas of music as studio art, covering his experience in music technology from Buchla sound modules of the early '60s to the current technology using Ableton. The lecture is appropriate for technology-oriented students, but is open to anyone.

Take Five: Morton Subotnick and Steve Antosca 5:30 pm - Gildenhorn Recital Hall: Composers Morton Subotnick and Steve Antosca will discuss Subotnick's pioneering role in the birth of electronic music and the development of the Buchla synthesizer, with audio examples and projected historical photographs.

Learn more about Morton Subotnick and his music in the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library:

   Recordings: including a recording of Morton Subotnick's landmark piece, Silver Apples of the Moon

   Books: on the topic of music and sound in the electronic age, these publications include essays on and interviews with the composer

   Film: featuring music by Subotnick


   Streaming audio: Listen to recordings of works by Morton Subotnick on Naxos Music Library and Classical Music Library