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National Festival Orchestra: Slatkin Conducts Tchaikovsky's Fifth

Leonard Slatkin, conductor

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Leonard Slatkin

During the month of June, the National Orchestral Institute and Festival celebrated its momentous 25th season here at the University of Maryland. The National Orchestral Institute and Festival is an annual month-long program used to develop the next generation of accomplished chamber music and orchestral musicians by internationally renowned conductors and composers. This year, the NOI utilized the talents of internationally-renowned conductors, composers and performers in a series of outstanding concerts.

Kicking off this history making season, the NOI was honored to have Leonard Slatkin, current music director of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, conducting its first concert. In his forty year career, he has accumulated over 100 recordings and recognized with seven Grammy awards and led all of the major orchestras in the United States and abroad.

Join National Festival Orchestra as Slatkin conducts a performance with famous works by Bach orchestrated by noted conductor Leopold Stokowski, contemporary composer and Slatkin’s wife, Cindy McTee, all culminating with uproarious performance of Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5. Learn more about these pieces and composers through biographies, recordings, scores, videos and other musicological resources held here in Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library as well as University of Maryland Libraries system and elsewhere online.

Resources about Leonard Slatkin

Videos of Slatkin and McTee

More Information about composers and compositions being performed:

JS Bach/Stowkowski

Cindy McTee

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Streaming Audio: Listen to pieces from the concert performance on Naxos Music Library