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Nilo Cruz's Anna in the Tropics - Friday, November 6 through Sunday, November 14, 2009

The UM Department of TheatreDirected by Jose Carrasquillo

Friday, Nov. 6 - 8:00 pm Saturday, Nov. 7 - 2:00 pm & 8:00 pm Sunday, Nov. 8, 2:00 pm Wednesday, Nov. 11 - 7:30 pm Thursday, Nov. 12 - 7:30 pm Friday, Nov. 13 - 8:00 pm Sunday, Nov. 14 - 2:00 pm Robert and Arlene Kogod Theatre

The 2003 Pulitzer Prize in Drama winner is set in 1920s Ybor City, Florida, where family members who work in a cigar factory struggle to reconcile the traditions of the past with their desires for the future. Passions erupt and emotions flare as the laborers embrace the unfamiliar ideas presented to them by a new arrival in their midst, who reads Anna Karenina aloud to them as they work, with life-altering consequences. You can learn more about the topics and themes addressed in the The UM Department of Theatre's presentation of Anna in the Tropics by checking out these UM Libraries resources:

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