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We've expanded access to the popular SciFinder database

Posted: May 14, 2012

Out-of-date Warning This news post is more than three months old and may contain out-of-date information.

We now provide unlimited access to SciFinder, a platform on which you can search simultaneously the following databases:

  • CAPLUS (the Chemical Abstracts database, which has patents, books, dissertations, in addition to journal articles; it also has the largest database for property information of chemical compounds); and
  • MEDLINE (known also as PubMed).

SciFinder is an excellent resource for many disciplines: chemistry, biochemistry, all life sciences, medicine, nursing, public health, nutrition, and even animal and avian sciences. 

Previously, only seven users at a time could access this popular and costly database. Now there's no limit--so use it when you need it.

  Provided, in part, by the Library Technology Fee.