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 19th Century British Newspapers

Includes newspapers selected to best represent nineteenth-century Britain, from national and regional newspapers offering broad political perspectives. 


19th Century UK Periodicals
Two of a five-series periodical collection covering British life in the Victorian age. Drawn from the collections of the British Library, National Library of Scotland, National Library of Australia and National Library of South Africa.


Benezit Dictionary of Artists

With nearly 170,000 entries on artists from antiquity to the present day and featuring regular updates, Benezit is one of the most comprehensive and definitive resources on artists in the English language.


Cambridge Histories Online

Offers online accessibility to full-text titles for any type of historical research or study of a subject that has a historical element. Includes all the latest editions of the print series with automatic updates.


Evening Star (D.C.), 1852-1922

Historians have regarded The Evening Star as the newspaper of record for the nation’s capital. 


Gale Business Plans Handbooks

A collection of actual business plans compiled by entrepreneurs seeking funding for small businesses.


Gale Immigration eBooks
Online full-text reference books on the subject of U.S. immigration.


JSTOR Jewish Studies Collection

This collection helps support teaching and research in Jewish Studies and strengthens interdisciplinary research in history, religion, language and literature, and other fields.


LGBT Studies in Video

This collection of documentaries, interview, and archival films looks at all aspects of the LGBT community.


LGBT Thought and Culture

Provides full-text access to key works and archival documents of LGBT political and social movements throughout the 20th century and into the present day.


Modern Arab Renaissance Collection - Kotobarabia Arabic eBooks

This exclusive electronic archive consists of over 3,000 books published from 1820-1914 across the Islamic World, with special focus on Egypt and Syria.


Modern Egyptian Collection - Kotobarabia Arabic eBooks

Over 4,500 titles of publications including banned literature, fiction, non-fiction, scholarly and popular, written by Arab authors and in particular leading authors from Egypt. Over 80% of the titles are unavailable or very hard to acquire even in print form.


North American Immigrants Letters Diaries and Oral Histories

This collection of primary sources, including letters, diaries, autobiographies, and oral histories, documents the experience of immigrants to the United States from 1840 to the present, with special emphasis on the period 1890 to 1920. Immigrants from all over the world are included.


North American Women's Letters and Diaries

Electronic collection of women’s diaries and correspondence from Colonial times to 1950. 


Schillers Werke

Schillers Werke comprises the whole of the Nationalausgabe, the finest and most complete critical edition of his works, letters, and conversations.


Sur, 1931-1992

A full-text searchable, digital archive of SUR, one of the most important and influential literary magazines published in Latin America in the twentieth century.