Today: McKeldin 08:00AM - 05:00PM

McKeldin Library's fifth floor closed until further notice

The fifth floor of McKeldin Library is closed until further notice to contain and address a mold outbreak.

Mold weakens the paper and binding of books and therefore contributes to their deterioration. Mold is generally not harmful to people, but those with known allergies or sensitivities should stay away.

Staff members have volunteered to shift books away from moisture-dense ventilation ducts and to remove duplicate book copies, both to improve airflow on the floor and to reduce cleaning costs. Once the environment of the floor is stabilized, contractors will clean the entire area wiping each shelf with an antifungal solution and by wiping and vacuuming each book. There are about 200,000 books shelved on the library's fifth floor.

The call numbers affected are G-HU Stacks and G-HU Folio.

**Request books through WorldCat UMD.  Use the campuswide book paging service within WorldCat UMD and books will be pulled from the shelves and delivered to McKeldin or any branch library, usually within 12 to 24 hours.