Today: McKeldin Open 24 Hours
Campus ID Required 11pm-8am

Tea Time Tech Talks for faculty at the Terrapin Learning Commons

Tea Time Tech Talks are informal conversations about pedagogical challenges in teaching in a technologically-enhanced learning environment, co-hosted by the Division of Information Technology and the University Libraries. Each talk is mentored by a knowledgeable faculty member or librarian, but the conversation is free flowing and intended to raise as many questions as might be answered.

All sessions are located in McKeldin 2109 (Terrapin Learning Commons) from 3-4pm on Thursdays

Light refreshments will be served and no registration is required. 

November 7   “Click Your Way to Student Engagement” What are they thinking out there in that large classroom space?  Many instructors use student response systems to ‘take the pulse’ of the student body sitting in their classrooms.   How do you use “clickers” or other devices to engage students in your courses?   This conversation will provide an opportunity to share strategies that have worked for you.

November 14  Visual Literacy and Digital Natives: Don’t They Just Know How to Do This Stuff?“  What level of familiarity with multimedia technologies do you assume students already have? How important is it for college students to develop visual literacy skills and who should teach them?   Do instructors need to have expertise with multimedia technologies in order to incorporate them into class events and assignments?

November 21Teaching Gymnastics: Flipping, Blending; How Flexible Does an Instructor Have to Be?”  How do you keep your balance when traditional instructional delivery modes are changing all around you? How do you juggle maintaining expertise in course content while learning about and integrating technologies and pedagogical strategies to engage students in changing instructional environments?