Today: McKeldin CLOSED


Posted: Aug 09, 2017

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The core values below inform our decisions and guide how we interact with each other and our community.

Access: We champion broad and free access to information.

We create opportunities for people to freely engage in intellectual inquiry and learning by providing equitable access to the information and resources they need.


Collaboration: We build on each other's strengths.

We work together and with our university and broader information communities to enrich learning and research.


Creativity: We inspire each other by taking risks and trying new things.

We inspire people and enable them to create and share new knowledge, take risks with new ideas, and build their innovations.


Diversity: We know diversity sparks creative thinking and actions.

We embrace diversity in our community; it fosters respect for ideas and perspectives, enriching our decisions and interactions with each other.


Stewardship: We care about the long term.

We use sustainable practices to collect and preserve information resources in enduring formats and promote the well-being of our community and environment.