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2018 Year in Review

Posted: Dec 17, 2018

Out-of-date Warning This news post is more than three months old and may contain out-of-date information.

A look at some, but not all, of our achievements.


Renovated McKeldin

Upgrades completed over the summer transformed the first floor of McKeldin Library, the campus’s busiest and most visible library.

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Educated Students

Teaching students to find reliable information quickly helps them succeed far beyond their university years.

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Opened the STEM Library

The STEM Library now aligns more closely with the university's academic programs and needs.

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Tackled Textbooks

We’re working with students to reduce the burden of expensive textbooks and help them succeed.

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Bargained with Publishers

By renegotiating contracts, we leveraged resources to provide access to information in dynamic new ways.

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Grew our Commons

The Research Commons engaged high-level researchers and faculty with a growing suite of services and programming.

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Supported Data Science

We’re building a community of practice among campus-based researchers to offer training in the tools of modern data science.

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Preserved Our
Cultural Heritage

A robust and ongoing program to digitize one-of-a-kind materials continued to grow in scale and impact.

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Showcased Collections

By displaying and interpreting library collections, we provided context to heighten their value.

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Improved Infrastructure

We leveraged technology to provide access to information in support of teaching, research and learning.

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