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Open Access Initiatives

Initiatives at the University of Maryland

UMD Libraries is the New Institutional Home for SocArXiv

May 05, 2021

The University of Maryland (UMD) Libraries is now the institutional home of SocArXiv, an interdisciplinary, open access repository of scholarship. The new partnership between the Libraries and SocArXiv ensures the future development and sustainability of the repository. Founded in 2016, SocArXiv is a digital repository of research papers which is free for authors and readers alike. SocArXiv is governed by a volunteer steering committee of scholars and library community leaders, with University of Maryland sociology professor Philip N. Cohen as the founding director. SocArXiv is based on the Open Science Framework (OSF) platform of the nonprofit Center for Open Science (COS). This arrangement will continue under the new partnership between the UMD Libraries and SocArXiv.


April 2021

The University of Maryland has joined TOME for a two-year pilot program. TOME is a national initiative to
advance open-access (OA) publishing of monographs in the humanities and social sciences. TOME’s goal is to
make this important scholarship available to readers across the globe, without cost and access barriers.
TOME@UMD is led by the University Libraries in partnership with the Office of the Senior Vice President and
Provost, and the College of Arts and Humanities.

Initiatives in Partnership with the Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA)

University of Michigan Press Fund to Mission

August 5, 2021

The Big Ten Academic Alliance and the University of Michigan Press have signed a three-year agreement that
provides multi-year support for Fund to Mission from all fifteen member libraries. Fund to Mission is the Press’s
open access monograph model that aligns with its mission and commitment to equity, justice, inclusion, and
accessibility. The model demonstrates a return to the origins of the university press movement and moves
toward a more open, sustainable infrastructure for the humanities and social sciences. It is one of several
programs that university presses are developing to expand the reach of their specialist publications.

Open Library of the Humanities (OLH)

July 19, 2021

The Big Ten Academic Alliance and the Open Library of Humanities (OLH) have signed a three-year collective
agreement that provides multi-year support for OLH from all of the BTAA’s fifteen member libraries. This move
was made possible thanks to the OLH Open Consortial Offer, an initiative that offers consortia, societies,
networks and scholarly projects the opportunity to join the Open Library of Humanities Library Partnership
Subsidy system as a bloc, enabling each institution to benefit from a discount. The Open Library of Humanities is
an award-winning, academic-led, gold open-access publisher with no author-facing charges. With initial funding
from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and subsequent support from Arcadia, the platform covers its costs by
payments from an international library consortium, rather than any kind of author fee. This enables equitable
open access in the humanities disciplines, with no financial charges to readers or authors.

MIT Press Direct to Open

June 21, 2021

MIT Press and the Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA) have entered a three-year collective action agreement
that provides Direct to Open (D2O) access for all fifteen BTAA member libraries. An innovative, sustainable
framework for open access monographs, D2O moves professional and scholarly books from a solely market-
based, purchase model to a collaborative, library-supported open access model.

Collective Action Agreement with DOAJ

February 2021

The University of Maryland, as part of the Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA), has entered into a three-year collective action agreement with the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). This agreement offers support for DOAJ, an online directory that indexes and promotes quality, peer-reviewed open access journals from around the world, providing a community-driven service to play an essential role in the creation of a sustainable model for the future of scholarly publishing.  This independent database contains over 15,000 peer-reviewed, open access journals covering all areas of science, technology, medicine, social sciences, arts, and humanities.