1962: Concertino for Band

John Arthur "Fritz" Velke II (1930–2005) was a Fairfax County (Virginia) music teacher and conductor of the National Concert Band of America until his retirement in 1997. He received a bachelor's degree in 1953 and a master's degree in 1955, both in music, from Catholic University and was president and chief executive of Velke Publishing Co.

Velke was born Washington, DC, and grew up in Alexandria. As a child he studied piano, violin, and trombone. He played several seasons as a violinist in the Fairfax Symphony Orchestra and as a trombonist in the U.S. Air Force Band. In 1986, he began performing with Windjammers Unlimited and in 1991 became a member of the guest conductor staff.

Velke taught music in Fairfax County Schools for 29 years. His ensembles included elementary school and high school bands, high school chorus, elementary strings, and middle and high school orchestra including his award-winning orchestra at West Springfield High School. He also conducted several community bands, including the Alexandria Citizens' Band and the Falls Church Civic Band.

Velke won the ABA Ostwald Award in 1962 for his Concertino for Band.

Fritz Velke

1967 All-Maryland High School Band



1967 All-Maryland High School Band

Century Records, 1967.

This recording was made at a gala concert of the All-Maryland High School Band, presented by the Maryland State Teachers Association and the Maryland Music Educators Association. In addition to works by Gustav Holst, Richard Strauss, Henry Fillmore, and Leroy Anderson, it includes Fritz Velke's Concertino for Band, "a succinct version of the concerto grosso form, a composition for instruments in ensemble with a number of featured solos."