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Plant Patents Image Database

This database contains color images for US Plant patents, with links to the US Patent and Trademark Office full text. The STEM Library, designated by USPTO as the College Park Patent & Trademark Resource Center, hopes to assist other PTRCs in making color Plant Patent images easily available to browse and search. Currently, many free patent websites have black and white images, and USPTO’s Patent Application Information Retrieval site has “supplemental information” links to color images back to June 2008, a single image at a time. But USPTO warns that color images vary in quality. For legal use, these images MUST be ordered from their Public Records Office.

This database allows title browsing and quick limiting by the 20 most common title keywords. It allows searching by patent number, title words, inventor names, and US Patent Classification “PLT” codes






Ken Johnson, the New York PTRC Representative, has so far scanned and indexed Plant Patents from April 17, 2012 through present. He also advises that these color scans are for preliminary searching only – please do not rely on them for final prior art or other legal searches.

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